Classroom block 2

Block 2 had been build and roofed but was waiting on the finishing’s. In February of 2021 this was finished. The windows and doors were fitted, walls plastered and painted and the floor filled and smoothed. Block 2 contains 3 rooms, of which one is designated for the library and the other two for science laboratories. One for physics, which will also be used for training in electrical installation and the other for chemistry and biology.

Classroom block 3

Block 3 stands at the stage that is close to being finished. The window frames and doors were fitted and the floor filled and smoothed, and walls plastered. The plan is to add mosquito netting first in the windows and in the future fit them with metal window bars, like in block 1. For the mean time this building is planned to be used as a hostel, while we wait for the proper hostel to be built. We plan next year to offer boarding facilities so students from distant places can stay at school and also have the opportunity to come study at the school.


The school built another extra room that will be used as a school store. With the school expanding and calls for extra space for school storage and also construction equipment.

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