We have been sharing the need of water in Kisarawe villages where girls & women walk distances in search of water for their homes and animals. The available water sources are always competed for, by people, animals, crops and also during construction. For example during the construction of the store / office on the Kisarawe school project area, we had to join the line with the local villagers & animals to get water. It was not only time wasting due to the distance but it was costly as we had to buy every 20 liter container at 500 Tsh, yet with the need of a couple of hundreds of liters that we needed each day. 

Because of the acute need of water, True Grasses decided to use the local method to hand dig a well, which is not only difficult but also dangerous to the men that dug the well by hand.

We are happy to announce that at the depth of 18 meters, we now have reliable and a constant supply of water for the school building projects, but also for the villagers that surround the project area. It was a great blessing to see girls and women that now can fetch water from a nearby source instead of having to walk far distances. Villagers and animals are happy as after testing the water well, the water found is fresh water suitable for drinking as we were worried of finding salty water as its with all the water sources in the villages. Now the water well serves more than five villages with fresh drinking water.

We know that the pressure that will be put on this well, will be high, but we hope it will serve the villagers to reduce the number of hours they put into fetching water, as well as a great cost and time reduction for the construction of next buildings on the School site. 

Our goal is not to stop here, but as we continue to raise funds, to build a sustainable well, that will be long lasting and giving the villagers and the school an ongoing flow of water for years to come. More pictures


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